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Mountain View


Welcome to my personal website.

I set up this website in October 2016, mainly as the answer to an everlasting craving to express my thoughts in a written form. Writing, as any other expression of art, must be cultivated. The style can only be improved by practicing: every writer has to find the adequate voice to put to words that what is on its mind. I'm searching for my voice, and my blogs are the platform that supports such quest. In them I discuss day-to-day events, as well as scientific topics that are related to my scientific career.

This site also contains pages about the technical details of the tools I use on a daily basis, such as emacs, $\LaTeX$ and Mathematica. Please, feel free to visit them.

The language of this website is the universal language of science and technology: English. However, as my native language is Spanish, some pages are going to be written Spanish (too).

You may want to go directly to the science section. Perhaps the contact page? Or maybe you want to try a random page.